Design/Media/Arts: Integrated Curriculum for AME Career Academies

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California Partnership Academy
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Strong academies depend on high-quality teaching and learning. EDC is developing Design / Media / Arts, a fully integrated program of study with foundations courses and academic units for media and digital design academies. Integration of fine and media arts, innovative projects, and structured career exploration make this rigorous-and fun!
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Cindy Orrell
Senior Project Director
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Eliza Fabillar

Funding Opportunities

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provides funding to states to replace cuts to K-12 and higher education for several purposes including teacher professional development for making progress toward rigorous college and career-ready standards.

Information links for funding professional development:

Using Recovery Funds to Drive School Reform and Improvement

AARA Title I Part A Funds

Implementing the Recovery Act

Implementation Ideas from the Field

Perkins Funding

The CCPC conference includes professional development topics for faculty, counselors, and administrators that meet requirements of the 2006 Perkins Act (Sections 122, 124, 134, and 135).

Information links for funding professional development:

Perkins IV (2006) Legislation

Perkins IV (2006) Policy Guidance