Cindy Solomon

Internationally Recognized Speaker, Consultant, Facilitator & Author

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Cindy Solomon is one of the most sought after leadership and customer loyalty speakers in the country. Over the past two decades, she has helped literally thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations like yours build bottom line results by creating profitable, long-term relationships with customers, leaders and employees alike.

Cindy’s innovative speaking programs were born out of personal insights from her time as a senior leader in corporate America and the vast experience she has gathered as a renowned strategic consultant. The combination is a powerful mix of engaging examples and motivational advice that enables you to create more courageous leaders and extraordinary levels of service. Whether you operate in the corporate sector, public sector or professional association arena, your members or employees are sure to gain energy and momentum from Cindy's humorous and compelling insights on the current business landscape and what we can expect in the future.

Cindy's talents as a meeting facilitator and panel discussion leader can produce highly productive, bottom-line oriented meetings that enable your organization to develop the leaders and create the culture necessary to survive – and thrive – in today’s volatile business environment. Respected enterprises for which Cindy has facilitated meetings include: Cisco, Eli Lilly & Company, Oracle, Genentech, WPO, WBENC, Microsoft, the University of Phoenix (Apollo Group), Telluride Ski & Golf and WITI. As a co-founder and active participant in The Women’s Success Forum, Cindy has also had a powerful impact on thousands of woman leaders around the country.

Currently, Cindy is President of Solomon & Associates, Inc., an organization dedicated to creating high performance leaders, developing highly effective employees and building truly customer-focused organizational cultures. She is known for her witty, motivational and fully customized delivery, which allows your attendees to build their knowledge base, while building their enthusiasm for productive change, life-long learning and exceptional customer service.

Cindy’s insights regarding leadership and customer service have been seen in publications around the country and most recently in Discover Your Inner Strength with Ken Blanchard & Stephen Covey, and soon to be published books, Creating a Culture of Courage (2010) and The Customer of the Future: The Art & Science of True Loyalty (2011).