Monday Session 1

10:15 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Monday, March 1

Presentation Room Presentation Category Capacity Presentation Description Presenter/s
California Association of Career Technical Education (CACTE) Meeting
Career Pathways/ Industry Sectors 60 Attend the annual statewide meeting of California ACTE. CACTE members

Making Connections Through Online Networks
Garden 1
California Partnership Academy 90 One of the difficulties of any Academy is staying connected with alumni, parents, students, and business partners. The Academy of Creative Technologies has created an online network to showcase student work, discuss Academy issues, provide an online meeting place, and remain in contact with students, through a free service, Ben Necochea
Don Miller
Creating Effective Career Guidance Programs
Garden 2
Secondary-Postsecondary Connection 90 Overview and demonstrations of three California Career Resource Network (CalCRN) resources. Through using these resources, students develop an informed and hopeful vision of their future, and discover why they need to engage in school. Attendees will receive a copy of the California Career Planning Guide. John Merris-Coots

CPA101: The Nuts and Bolts of Developing and Managing a CPA
Garden 3
California Partnership Academy 150 This workshop is intended for new teams and coordinators, for those who need a refresher, and for administrators. California Department of Education staff members will review the California Partnership academies law and grant requirements, the funding cycle, and reporting requirements. Karen Shores
Jerry Winthrop
Machelle Martin
Team Building You Can Do It
Garden 4
California Partnership Academy 120 Would your academy like to hold a team building day at your school but not sure how to do it? Need new ideas and activities to have a successful team building day? Our team will share the planning, set up, activities, and directions for the activities and even audiance participating. Karen Tilson
Jeff Jambretz
Tamara Peltz
Integrating CTE Standards, Science, Math & Language Arts by Pathway
Curriculum Integration 77 In the highly competitive global economy of the 21st century, it is crucial that our students are well-equipped with knowledge in science, math, and the language arts to succeed. Accordingly, the State of California developed rigorous and comprehensive standards for Career Technical Education (CTE). With funding from an SB 70 Grant, Coastline ROP designed workshops to integrate the CTE standards. ROP and non-ROP academic teachers collaborated in career cluster teams to design instructional strategies that best deliver the integrated content to students. In this workshop, the focus will be on the incorporation of science, math, and the language arts. Come and learn how Coastline ROP provided opportunities for both ROP and non-ROP academic teachers to collaborate on creating lesson plans that effectively implement the CTE standards and fostered collegial teamwork, strengthening the quality of curricula across the board. Lisa Knuppel

SB70 Environmental Career Preparation Program
Harbor Room
Career Pathways/ Industry Sectors 120 Presentation on the current implementation and discussion on future development of the Statewide SB70 Environmental Career Preparation Program which provides high school students the opportunity to earn Community College Certificates of Proficiency related to the career areas of green and environmental technology concurrent with a high school diploma. Marc Epstein
Katie Noonan
Jennifer Mcallister
California Successful Practices Network Showcase
Imperial Room
Assessment and Accountability 90 California high schools chosen to participate in a five-year initiative will share their successful practices, strategies, and resources. The High School Initiative was developed by the Successful Practices Network in partnership with the International Center for Leadership in Education and the Council of Chief State School Officers with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Teams from: Galt High School, La Quinta High School, Santa Ynez Valley High School Joyce McLean

Professional Learning Communities (PLC) for CTE
Career Pathways/ Industry Sectors 80 This session will focus on how Orange County (OC) set up a regional approach to two important issues, PLC for CTE and Industry Engagement. As a director of CTE for a K12 school district of 22,000 students, successfully addressing these two issues is basically impossible for even a medium sized district like ours. Thus we pulled together representatives from all OC districts, Tech Preps, ROPs, and community and business partners to provide a regional approach. We created an OC Extended Edition to this conference to launch this program. Learn how to replicate this for your region. Steven Glyer
Kathy Johnson
Perkins 101
Assessment and Accountability 120 Perkins 101 will examine the implications and requirements of Perkins IV Act and the California State Plan for Career Technical Education. Grant expectations, accountability requirements, allowable expenditures and fiscal reporting will be discussed. CTE directors and teachers who use Perkins to support programs will find this session useful. Barbara Weiss
Russell Weikle
Why All Business is Like Show Business!
Regal Room
Career Pathways/ Industry Sectors 90 Our global industries demand flexible thinkers and innovators. Entertainment industry veteran Kathleen Milnes presents a compelling argument for linking career and academic courses using creativity as a foundation for ANY career. Ms. Milnes helped author the Arts, Media and Entertainment CTE Standards and Frameworks. She connects the creative industries to schools and provides information on labor markets, trends, and related workforce issues. Kathleen A. Milnes

Community Building Through Project-Based Learning
Salon I – North Tower
California Partnership Academy 80 Project-Based Learning can connect students to their community and forge new business partnerships. Participants will see two community-based projects from the Health TECH Academy and consider how to take their own projects “public.” Video-based presentation contains pauses for audience participation and collaboration. Participants will learn from presenters and audience alike. John Buckmaster
Rodney Black
Connecting CTE Courses and Occupational Outlook
Salon II – North Tower
Assessment and Accountability 80 Learn about a tool that allows LEAs to align CTE course codes (formerly CBEDS) with Occupational Labor Market Information data from the California Employment Development Department and provides the ability to “map” employment needs locally and statewide in order to meet demands for workers in particular industry sectors. LEAs should bring CTE course sequences and programs of study as there will be time to assign course codes for reporting purpose. Geoff Belleau

Perkins Office and the GENUIS BAR: Career Pathway and Industry Sector Leads
Salon III – North Tower
Career Pathways/ Industry Sectors When CDE Perkins consultants are not presenting workshops, they will be available to meet with local Perkins coordinators to answer district and site specific questions and to provide technical assistance. The Industry Sector Leads will provide sector and program specific resources and strategies to the many workshop attendees including CPAs, SB 70 Community Collaboratives, ROCPs, school districts, county offices of education, etc. through each of the specific career pathway and industry sector strands offered. Perkins and 15 Industry Sector Education Consultants

DACUM: Closing the Gap between Industry and Education in Fire Investigation
Salon IV – North Tower
Curriculum Integration 50 Pratical application of using the DACUM (Developing a Curriculm) process to assist in the creation of a certificate path for Fire Investigation. This workshop will provide the participant with information and methods for creating industry driven and data supported courses and curriculum for CTE programs. Elizabeth Harvey

Creating More Engaged Advisory Board Members Through Strategic Planning
Salon V – North Tower
California Partnership Academy 70 Successful Advisory Boards depend on the active engagement of many business and community partners. Yet how can you get people involved, given their many commitments? This workshop will offer guides, agenda and a discussion of how to facilitate a positive outcome based strategic planning session. Deanna Hanson

Building and Strengthening a Sustainable Medical Academy and HOSA Chapter
Salon VI – North Tower
California Partnership Academy 70 Palmdale High School Health Careers Academy is a long standing distinguished Academy of 17 years, receiving both State and National Recognition. We have grown from 15 to 500 students, serve as a Mentor Academy, and continue to produce college bound students and educate future healthcare providers. Angela Hefter
Tim Klein
The Critical Role of Environmental Field Work
Salon VII – North Tower
California Partnership Academy 70 WISE Academy instructors will detail how they have set up relevant student field work projects in four areas (habitat restoration, school garden, energy audits, and creek analysis/monitoring). In each case, student involvement has led to better understanding of the principle of interconnectedness as well as stronger knowledge of career opportunities. Paul Jolly
Stefan Klakovich
Davon Godwin
How to do a Mock Trial with a Crime Reenactment
Salon VIII – North Tower
California Partnership Academy 70 This session is mainly for Legal Systems Academies but all are welcome. We will be discussing how to do a Mock Trial and why doing a crime reenactment is important. A script will be provided along with training. George Sikes
Rhea Walker
"Having Fun With Infection Control"
Health Careers 60 This lecture is interactive and fun. Students will learn about the personal protective equipment (PPE) worn during dental procedures which helps prevent the spread of disease. These activities are engaging and can be used with many other sectors. Instructors will simply modify the lesson plan to represent their subject matter. Interactive cooperative learning activities will enhance any lesson plan and make learning more enjoyable for the student. Many of the strategies are common but useful. Strategies used will include: Tapping into prior knowledge with use of a graphic organizer to start the critical thinking process, utilizing a fill-in-the blank study guide to accompany the lecture, activity will also include students donning and wearing PPE during lecture, "BINGO" review at the end of the lecture to check for understanding. Many different strategies are addressed to enhance the lesson to make learning fun! Leslie Ochinang

A Hot Topic: Building a Solid Foundation for the HECT Career Pathways
Terrace A & B
Career Pathways/ Industry Sectors 80 This exciting session will focus on strategies and content to include in the Home Economics Careers and Technology Life Management foundation course. This creative presentation will focus on the Consumer and Family Studies content areas to use in your classroom. The team will emphasize ways to offer foundation and concentration courses for a coherent sequence of courses at attendees school sites. Join us for a practical session with ideas you can use right away! Tanya Wright and Ann Cornell
Ann Cornell
How to Use External Assessments in CTE: A Case Study
Terrace C & D
Assessment and Accountability 80 Session will describe how external assessments are used for program improvement and to provide student and instructor performance feedback at a California Regional Occupational Program. A brief discussion of the use and development of external assessments will be followed by a description of the management process used to determine which assessments to select, how to prepare the students, how to ensure that the environment is established for successful administration, and how the results are reported to students, teachers, parents, administrators, and school boards. All documents created and used to administer an external assessment program will be provided as templates. David Matuszak, Ed.D.
Todd Farr
Building Algebra and Pre-Algebra Skills through Project-based Learning
Terrace E & F
Standards-Based Curriculum 80 In this interactive session, participants engage in sample activities from a set of hands-on, project-based algebra and pre-algebra units that can be used to introduce or reinforce fundamental algebra and pre-algebra skills. The lessons can be adapted for use in a variety of settings, including summer school programs, after-school supplementary instruction, or as drop-in units during the school year. Pier Sun Ho
Arlene LaPlante
Programs of Study: Simplifying the Transition
Programs of Study 80 Programs of Study can streamline the transition to college and career, saving time and maximizing student interest in rigorous and relevant courses. Come to this session to see how we are sharing this information with counselors and students in San Diego and Imperial counties. Maureen Gevirtz, Ed.D.
Scott Finn
Jean Kaput