Tuesday Session 2

9:45 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. Tuesday, March 2

Presentation Room Presentation Category Capacity Presentation Description Presenter/s
Journey from the Workforce to the Classroom
Work-Based Learning 60 Using SB 70 funds, learn from a pilot program for Central Coast educators to participate in three work experiences during the summer. Hear how teachers developed their externships into relevant, meaningful and exciting lesson plans to engage their students (grades 7-14) with examples from the world of work. Presenters: Marna Lombardi, Coordinator, Central Coast Career Technical Education Community Collaborative (CC-CTE-CC) Grant, Allan Hancock College along with three area educators. Marna Lombardi

Presentations of Learning: Digital Portfolio Assessment
Garden 1
California Partnership Academy 90 Community MultiMedia Academy teachers and students will present the benefits and challenges of the digital portfolio assessment model. Academy students present a digital portfolio which showcases their work from English, Multimedia, History, and Art classes. Students develop their public speaking skills in order to present their portfolio before a panel. Judy Okolie
Marisa Traylor
Alistair Bomphray
The STEM Equity Pipeline: Research-based Professional Development to Increase the Participation of Women in STEM
Garden 2
Career Pathways/ Industry Sectors 90 The National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity Education Foundation received a grant from the National Science Foundation to work with state providers of professional development to integrate research-based approaches to gender equity in STEM into existing professional development mechanisms. This session will review the approaches and professional development opportunities available. Mimi Lufkin

Improving Rigor in Your Academy through Dual/Early College Courses
Garden 3
California Partnership Academy 150 The Community College Research Center at Columbia University is supporting eight secondary/post-secondary partnerships as they develop career-focused dual enrollment programs. We will review research on positive benefits of dual enrollment and focus on two innovative, high rigor classes, a community college anatomy-physiology class and an introductory CSU engineering class. Katherine L. Hughes, Ph.D.
Alan Weisberg, Ph.D
Jennifer Clemens
Building Strong Partnerships between Education and Economic and Workforce Development
Garden 4
California Partnership Academy 120 Given California's ongoing budget woes, it is more important than ever before for California's Partnership Academies to build and sustain strong working relationships with local Economic Development and Workforce Investment Boards. This highly interactive workshop session will focus on strategies and techniques for building collaborative networks. Keith Griffith

Collaboration in the Desert Region
Secondary-Postsecondary Connection 77 This workshop will focus on the various collaborative efforts underway in the desert region (Riverside and San Bernardino counties) and how faculty, counselors, and administrators from high schools, regional occupational programs, and community colleges can get involved. Pathway development, articulation, faculty externships in business and industry, professional development, and middle school career exploration, are just some of the topics that will be covered. Julie Pehkonen

CPA Coordinator/Lead Teacher Meeting
Grand Ballroom A
California Partnership Academy 500 Program expectations, required reporting, and relevant policies will be discussed. This workshop provides an opportunity to review compliance, funding, and legislative issues for academies. Due to limited seating, this meeting is for coordinators and administrators only. Karen Shores
Jerry Winthrop

Harbor Room

Engineering by Design: A Standards-Based Model Program for Technology Education
Harbor Room
Standards-Based Curriculum 120 Seeking to increase all students' achievement in STEM? Gain insight into the Engineering byDesign™ (EbD) curriculum, the only standards-based (Technology, Science, Mathematics) national K-12 model that delivers technological literacy, and more, in an authentic, problem-based environment. This presentation will cover issues related to the overall model, courses, implementation and Professional Development. Mauricio Castillo, Ph.D.

California Successful Practices Network Showcase
Imperial Room
Assessment and Accountability 90 California high schools chosen to participate in a five-year initiative will share their successful practices, strategies, and resources. The High School Initiative was developed by the Successful Practices Network in partnership with the International Center for Leadership in Education and the Council of Chief State School Officers with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Teams from: Rowland High School and Santa Ynez Valley High School Joyce McLean

Making the Connections for Success
Career Pathways/ Industry Sectors 80 Articulation and Career Pathways - A model for program articulations will be presented that will demonstrate high school students ability to follow a career pathway into a local junior college program by following an articlated program. Troy Gravatt
Mark Anglin
Completing the Application for 2010-11 Perkins Funding
Assessment and Accountability 120 This is the second year of the streamlined Perkins application. This workshop will highlight the requirements for using Perkins funds, review the instructions for completing the application and discuss allowable and non-allowable expenditures. Barbara Weiss
Russell Weikle
E-Porfolios: Integration at its Best!
Regal Room
Curriculum Integration 90 Join us for a demonstration of practical integration projects that culminate in a student's e-portfolio. Students from the Weber Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology will display how CTE standards and core academic standards can be fused together to produce rigorous and relevent projects. Participants will receive lesson plans and ideas to help them with the implementation in their own academies. Joel Blomenkamp, Ed.D

The Counselors Role in Building a Successful California Partnership Academy
Salon I – North Tower
California Partnership Academy 80 This workshop covers the many roles of the CPA Counselor. The presenters bring their combined experiences as counselors of arts/media/entertainment and healthcare academies. Topics include: Student and Faculty Recruitment/Selection; Master Scheduling; Academic Advising; Post-secondary Preparation; Career Exploration; Industry Networking; Data Collection. Materials will include sample forms, brochures and downloadable presentations. Ruth Kwake
Deborah Applebaum
Facilitating an Effective Advisory Committee
Salon II – North Tower
Employer Involvement 80 Is there an active CTE advisory committee in your school district? What is its role and has it been effective? This workshop will explore what it takes to establish and facilitate an effective CTE advisory committee. Examples effective advisory committees will be shared along with an advisory committee handbook. Charles Parker

Perkins Office and the GENUIS BAR: Career Pathway and Industry Sector Leads
Salon III – North Tower
Career Pathways/ Industry Sectors 50 When CDE Perkins consultants are not presenting workshops, they will be available to meet with local Perkins coordinators to answer district and site specific questions and to provide technical assistance. The Industry Sector Leads will provide sector and program specific resources and strategies to the many workshop attendees including CPAs, SB 70 Community Collaboratives, ROCPs, school districts, county offices of education, etc. through each of the specific career pathway and industry sector strands offered. Perkins and 15 Industry Sector Education Consultants

Building Successful Industry Partnerships - ACE Mentor Program of America, Inc.
Salon IV – North Tower
Career Pathways/ Industry Sectors 50 Will there be enough architects, construction managers and engineers to fill the industry's needs ten years from now? The ACE Mentor Program of America, Inc. is working hard to make sure there are. ACE is an acronym for architecture, construction, and engineering. The program's mission is to enlighten and increase the awareness of high school students to career opportunities in architecture, construction and engineering and related areas of the design and construction industry through mentoring; and to provide scholarship opportunities for students in an inclusive manner reflective of the diverse school population. This panel discussion will include stakeholders from around the State - business leaders, school district representatives, mentors and students. Stephanie Davi Ercolini

The Greeting Card Company
Salon V – North Tower
California Partnership Academy 70 The Greeting Card Company is an action-based project that creates a student-directed greeting card company. The project was designed by Santa Ana Business Alliance partners and the Academy of Finance teachers. Students interview for corporate positions, write a business plan, design and market a product, and enjoy a recognition ceremony. Nancy Dervis
Susan Dixon
Paula Young
Law and Justice Curriculum for Career Academies
Salon VI – North Tower
California Partnership Academy 70 Career academies depend on rigorous curricula to support teaching and learning. EDC is developing two yearlong Foundations courses for legal, government, and protective services pathways. Core elements of the curriculum are: inquiry- and project-based, skill building (e.g., research, critical thinking, literacy), career exploration, and integration of law and law enforcement. Eliza Fabillar
Ilene Kantrov
Measurable Outcomes Through Industry Certifications - Microsoft & Adobe
Salon VII – North Tower
California Partnership Academy 70 Learn how to integrate industry-defined student learning outcomes into your academic programs that lead to Microsoft and Adobe Certifications. Gain insight into how equipping students with MCAS, IC3, ACA and other credentials can improve post-secondary admission, develop marketable job skills, and provide articulation and funding opportunities for your school. David Hansen

Sticky Learning
Salon VIII – North Tower
California Partnership Academy 70 Learn how to plan and implement integrated learning with action- based inquiry, discovery learning, and real world application. This interactive presentation will give successful models suitable for individual, team, academic, and career and technical applications and supply examples how to actively engage students in discovering knowledge and skills. Sandy Mittelsteadt

Learn to SALSA. This is not a Dance, but Appreciating, Discovering, and Embracing Who You Are
Assessment and Accountability 60 Participants will walk through the ingredients for SALSA, each item representing a different assessment of their character, skills, and personal strenghts. At the end of the presentation the participant will have their personal goal of Salsa and will be able to see how strong they really are. This is a self-esteem character building interactive workshop. This lesson may be adapted to any model. Lidia Puga
Marco Rios
Connecting Your Classroom to the Community
Terrace A & B
Work-Based Learning 80 From Dewey to Horton to Brooksfield... we've all heard that students remember theory when it's applied; students think more critically when they are engaged in their learning; leadership skills our developed while decision-making and taking action; and authentic asseessments show each individual can make generalizations, apply them, and reflect on their own personal expereinces. This workshop will give you the tools to send your students out of the classroom, get your community interwoven into your curriculum, and designing authentic assessments. LeeAnne Del Rio, Ed.D.

Anatomy In Clay II: Brain & Spinal cord, the neural hook-up for movement
Terrace C & D
Health Careers 80 Participants build the components of the brain and spinal cord out of brightly colored clay. Each person builds a nerve and 'hooks-up' and clay muscles to demonstrate the relationship between nerves and muscle components. Only workshop that you can attend and leave with more brains! "Learn by doing rather than by memorizing." Starla A. Ewan
Jeff Poole
Middle School Career Exploration
Terrace E & F
K-8 Models 80 Learn ways to infuse career awareness and exploration into existing middle school structures. The Sonoma County Career Development Specialist will share program goals, planning and implementation procedures, and effective activities and curricular materials, with particular emphasis on the use of the Kuder Navigator system. Useful handouts will be provided. Dan Blake

Effective Practices from High School to College Pathways
Career Pathways/ Industry Sectors 80 Explore different examples of how Bay Area community colleges work with their high school partners to offer students dual credit opportunities. Nanda Schorske
Dawn Girardelli
Beth Pratt