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Your Solar Home - Real World Projects for Green Academies

Tor Allen

Why All Business is Like Show Business!

Kathleen A. Milnes

Web-based Curriculum Resources for Career Academies

Erin Fender

Tying it All Together: Integrating Curriculum in an Education and Child Development Academy

David Day

Tuning Up Your Academy

Sandy Mittelsteadt

Tools for Change: Using Data & The JSPAC to Create Lasting Change for Students from Special Populations & Career Technical Education

Elizabeth Wallner

The Student Leadership Connection: Opportunities for Excellence through Student Leadership Organizations

Randi Scott

The STEM Equity Pipeline: Research-based Professional Development to Increase the Participation of Women in STEM

Mimi Lufkin

The Real Game California 2.1: Follow Your Heart to the Digital Age

Christina Rogers

The Power of Mentorship

Haydee Rodriguez

The Los Rios Tech Prep Consortium Creates Connections through Technology!

Berta Lloyd

The Greeting Card Company

Nancy Dervis

The DNA of Successful Communication

Troy L. Tate

The DNA of Successful Career Selecion

Troy L Tate

The Critical Role of Environmental Field Work

Paul Jolly

The Counselors Role in Building a Successful California Partnership Academy

Ruth Kwake

TEEN CERT - An Emergency Responder Community Service, Integrated, Thematic Program

Linda Greer

Team Building You Can Do It

Karen Tilson

Teaching Leadership in CTE Classes with or without CTSOs

Charles Parker

Success Strategies for Implementing Work-Based Learning Activities

Lori Marchy

Student Tech Support Leadership and Help Desk

Jan Half

Strengthening Career Pathways in Manufacturing & Technology: A Case Study

Mark Martin

Sticky Learning

Sandy Mittelsteadt

Spending Perkins $$--What’s Allowable, What’s Not!

Barbara Weiss

Speaking CTE - Do we mean what we think we mean?

Nicholas Rogers

Solving the Team Building Puzzle

Matt Tassinari

Skills for the Global Economy

Jim Warford

Show Me The Money!

Diane Rodriguez

SB70 Environmental Career Preparation Program

Marc Epstein

Round Table Discussions - 20 Tables, 20 Topics of Interest

Multiple School Site Teams

Roadtrip Nation: Defining Your Own Road in Life

Mike Marriner

Putting the Partner in Partnership

Rick Woodson

Putting All the Pieces Together to Improve Student Achievement

Rob Atterbury

Project-Based Learning II

Arlene LaPlante

Project Lead the Way: A Proven, Standards-based Curricular Program for Engineering and Biomedical Career Pathways

Dr. Duane Crum

Programs of Study: Simplifying the Transition

Maureen Gevirtz, Ed.D.

Programs of Study for Home Economics Careers and Technology Education

Patricia Peck

Professional Learning Communities (PLC) for CTE

Steven Glyer

Professional Learning Communites for CTE Instructors

Claire Spence

Presentations of Learning: Digital Portfolio Assessment

Judy Okolie

Preparing Health Careers Teachers for a World on Networking: Increasing Teacher Collegiality and Professionalism Practices

Gustavo Loera

Perkins Office and the GENUIS BAR: Career Pathway and Industry Sector Leads

Perkins and 15 Industry Sector Education Consultants

Perkins 101

Barbara Weiss

Partners, Purpose and Power

Norma Velia Williamson

P2HC (Pathways to Health Careers)

Dr. Sheri Coburn

Middle School Career Exploration

Dan Blake

Mentor Academies and New Mentee Academies Workshop

Jerry Winthrop

Measurable Outcomes Through Industry Certifications - Microsoft & Adobe

David Hansen

Making the Connections for Success

Troy Gravatt

Making SLC and Academy Work on a Shoestring Budget

Michael Santos

Making Connections Through Online Networks

Ben Necochea

Make Their Heads Hurt!

Jake Dunn

Learn to SALSA. This is not a Dance, but Appreciating, Discovering, and Embracing Who You Are

Lidia Puga

Law and Justice Curriculum for Career Academies

Eliza Fabillar

Journey from the Workforce to the Classroom

Marna Lombardi

Investing In Your Future is Always a Great Thing To Do.

D. Kelly Mann

Introducing Four Energy Courses with Free Curriculum and Website Resources

Peter Davis

Integrating CTE Standards, Science, Math & Language Arts by Pathway

Lisa Knuppel

Information and Communication Technology – Middle School and Beyond

Sonia Martin

Industry Certifications & Curriculum through NCCER

Karen Keith

Improving Rigor in Your Academy through Dual/Early College Courses

Katherine L. Hughes, Ph.D.

If You Build It, They Will Come: Ideas for Creating and Celebrating Success

Ian McFadyen

Identifying and Supporting Special Populations Using Interdisciplinary Strategies

Mimi Lufkin

How to Use External Assessments in CTE: A Case Study

David Matuszak, Ed.D.

How To Survive Change: Strategies for a Resilient Academy

Jacob Aguilar

How to Plan and Host a College and Career Fair

Virginia Menezes

How to Ensure CTE Programs are Relevant

Dr. Lyla Eddington

How to do a Mock Trial with a Crime Reenactment

George Sikes

Here Today, Here Tomorrow: Why Discipline Problems Don’t Go Away and What To Do About Them

Marianne Cartan

Help CTE Online, Help You!

Brian Ausland

Health Internships 8+ Ways - San Diego's Regional Allied Health and Science Initiative

Janet Hoff Kneier

Growing the Next Generation of Business Leaders- Youth Entrepreneur Program

Elizabeth Pratt

Greening Your Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Erin Fender

Grant Writing and Resources: Sustaining your CPA

Patricia Clark

Go Local! A Collaborative Experiment

Loius Ganzler

Getting it Right: Performance-based Curriculum Integration in Career Academies and Pathways

Kathleen Harris

Generations in the Workplace

Rick Delano

Ford Partnership for Advanced Studies: Engaging and Challenging Curriculum for Career Academies (PREFERENCE: PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP)

Ilene Kantrov

Firefighting - Training of Jobs in California and Across the County

Kim Greene

Facilitating Better Group Work for Successful Integrated Projects

Paula M. (Penni) Hudis

Facilitating an Effective Advisory Committee

Charles Parker

Evaluating CTE Program Quality at the Local Level

Russell Weikle

Ensuring that CTE Classes Address All Aspects of the Industry

Russell Weikle

Engineering by Design: A Standards-Based Model Program for Technology Education

Mauricio Castillo, Ph.D.

Empowering Students to Become the Career Architect of their Future

John W. Stine

Effective Practices from High School to College Pathways

Nanda Schorske

E-Porfolios: Integration at its Best!

Joel Blomenkamp, Ed.D

Developing and Retaining Gold Standard Internships

Bernie Sheridan

Design/Media/Arts: Integrated Curriculum for AME Career Academies

Cindy Orrell

Death to Paper: Moving to an Online Articulation System

Bob Kepford

DACUM: Closing the Gap between Industry and Education in Fire Investigation

Elizabeth Harvey

Curriculum Integration that Works! Geometry in Construction, Algebra 2 in Automotive Systems, and Math in Cosmetology: PART 2

Scott Burke

Curriculum Integration that Works! Geometry in Construction, Algebra 2 in Automotive Systems, and Math in Cosmetology: PART 1

Scott Burke

Cruising through CTE planning with Course Planner

Cindy Wong

Creating On-site Authentic Field Experiences

Carol Schutt

Creating More Engaged Advisory Board Members Through Strategic Planning

Deanna Hanson

Creating Effective Career Guidance Programs

John Merris-Coots

Creating an Online Learning Community

Ryan Fuerst

CPA101: The Nuts and Bolts of Developing and Managing a CPA

Karen Shores

CPA Coordinator/Lead Teacher Meeting

Karen Shores

Construction Industry Credentials: NCCER

Karen Keith

Connecting Your Classroom to the Community

LeeAnne Del Rio, Ed.D.

Connecting CTE Courses and Occupational Outlook

Geoff Belleau

Completing the Application for 2010-11 Perkins Funding

Barbara Weiss

Community Building Through Project-Based Learning

John Buckmaster

College Tools for High Schools

David Stern

Collaboration in the Desert Region

Julie Pehkonen

Collaborating Grants - Maximizing Efforts

Stephanie Robb

Careers in the Arts are Larger Than They Appear

Kathleen A. Milnes

Career Technical Education. IT PAYS . . . . And More!

Audries Blake

Career Technical Education Teacher Training Program

Carol Tsushima

Career Technical Education - Live, from CDE

Dennis Guido

California Successful Practices Network Showcase

Joyce McLean

California Successful Practices Network Showcase

Joyce McLean

California Successful Practices Network Showcase

Joyce McLean

California Successful Practices Network Showcase

Joyce McLean

California Successful Practices Network Showcase

Joyce McLean

California Pathways Online

Brian Ausland

California CTE Course of Study Rollout

Dr. Ronda L. Adams

California Association of Career Technical Education (CACTE) Meeting

CACTE members

Building Successful Industry Partnerships - ACE Mentor Program of America, Inc.

Stephanie Davi Ercolini

Building Strong Partnerships between Education and Economic and Workforce Development

Keith Griffith

Building Brighter Futures Through Successful Partnerships

Audries Blake

Building Bridges Between Classroom and Industry

Kim Woolf

Building and Strengthening a Sustainable Medical Academy and HOSA Chapter

Angela Hefter

Building Algebra and Pre-Algebra Skills through Project-based Learning

Pier Sun Ho

Biotechnology In Every School

Tina Doss

Been There…Done That! Learn rom our Mistakes

Nadine Cornett

Authentic Assessment - Successful Math Portfolio Program and Innovative Assessment Protocol

Annie Johnston

Augmented English for Advanced Placement

Susannah Bell

Articulation - A Dual Enrollment Option

Jackie Slabaugh

Anatomy In Clay II: Brain & Spinal cord, the neural hook-up for movement

Starla A. Ewan

Anatomy in Clay I: Muscles and Bones

Starla A. Ewan

Advisory Committees: One of the Ingredients for Successful CTE Programs

Alex Flores

Academy Certification Based on National Career Academy Standards

Susan Tidyman

A Hot Topic: Building a Solid Foundation for the HECT Career Pathways

Tanya Wright and Ann Cornell

A "Touch" of Technology- Incorporating iTouch Into Program Curriculum

Brandon Miles

"Having Fun With Infection Control"

Leslie Ochinang

"Fun with Science Night" - Community Outreach for Academy Students

Carol Schutt
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